Dr. Carole Anderson

Registered Psychologist


My Approach

I am trained in a variety of methods from Cognitive Behavioral strategies, to Body-Centred therapies, Trauma Oriented approaches (EMDR), Psychodynamic, Person-Oriented and Relationship perspectives, and some of the newer “power” centred therapies that can work faster and deeper than some of the traditional talk therapies.  The centre where I work also has other health care professionals who can be of help if appropriate. 

Dr Carole Anderson Psychologist / Therapist
Dr. Carole Anderson

However, I believe that the best approach is one that fits for you.  Usually a first session involves getting to know you and hearing about whatever is bothering you.  From there, I usually provide some feedback on how we could work and some ideas for change. 

I am always searching for the process that will work for you, since no one else is exactly like you.  Sometimes you just need a place to talk and be heard, sometimes you may need some concrete feedback and advice, sometimes you may want to work on your childhood experiences, or on a relationship that is not working.  Sometimes, you may not know what you need and I can provide some direction to help you figure it all out.  Sometimes, you may want to work deeply in some areas of your life and at other times you may just want some quick feedback and ideas for the future. Whatever it is that you need, the most important thing is that we find a way to help you work through your concerns and thrive in your life.  I would be happy to assist you in that process. 

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Servicing: Tri-Cities, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, Coquitlam, New Westminster, Burnaby ,Maple Ridge andPitt Meadows